Born in the Bronx, NY, raised in Westchester County, NY and sparingly educated at an unnamed Ivy-League institution that appropriately rhymes with ‘Your Hell’ in Upstate NY…Steve DiNardo is leaving his mark on the world, one 12-person audience at a time. 

Steve’s strong Italian-Catholic upbringing equipped him with the uncanny ability to paralyze himself with tremendous amounts of guilt on cue. It is a skill many have attempted and failed to replicate, coming across as having really bad irritable bowel syndrome instead. As a stage actor in New York City, Steve demonstrated a certain panache with audiences, despite not knowing the actual meaning of the word until that awkward realization that it was not a potato-based pancake.* So, much to the delight of his old (academic) probation officer, he began yet another thankless journey of self-expression, as a Stand-Up Comedian. As he continues to mature, Steve realizes that money does not define a man’s worth. Twitter followers do. Therefore, he can be seen whoring himself out for laughs, followers or Meatball Pepperoni Subway Sandwiches (toasted) throughout the greater Los Angeles area, most notably at the HaHa Café, Hollywood Improv, Ice House Comedy Club, Flappers Comedy Club and World Famous Comedy Store.  

Steve was the Fall 2011 Next Comic Standing Winner at the HaHa Cafe and a Rick Dees Talent Search Finalist at the Ice House Comedy Club.  In December 2011, Steve made his NYC homecoming debut, headlining for a sold-out crowd at Comic Strip Live.

When he is not doing stand-up, Steve works his funny bone with the Upright Citizens Brigade and polishes his comedic craft with Scott Sedita and Brad Garrett. His new web comedy series, “Writer’s Block,” which he co-created and stars in will begin shooting in June 2013.  Steve writes the popular weekly satire, The Sauce and earns a living by staying married.

Check back often for show dates/times!  All bookings can be arranged directly through this site.


*Thank you Darlene - IHOP waitress, 620 SAT Verbal.